The Witch Grass,

Hello Steemians, in the middle of the electrical crisis that we have lived these days in Venezuela, I missed being able to write and share with you my Steemit family, only when something that we consider basic, we lack, is when we value the vital and all that It implies the absence of what has been lost, it is a humble reflection that I leave you to start my article of today, we value everything that surrounds us, even if it is something elementary, because sometimes it is what really matters.

Going into topic, today Im going to talk about a plant that I met recently, however, when I researched I could see that its use dates back a long time, and that it has a great number of almost magical properties for our organism, from where comes his name, I mean the witch grass, because it says heals anything.

The witch herb, is a succulent plant with fleshy leaves, with yellow or reddish flowers, this belongs to the genus Kalanchoe. Its scientific name is Bryophyllum pinnatum. This plant is well known throughout the world and is known by other names such as Goethe plant, leaf of the air, Ojaransín, flower of arete, leaflet, tronador siempreviva, liberator, among others.

The witch herb, is a plant that studies have shown that is rich in flavonoids, acetates and phenols, substances that provide benefits to our body, This medicinal plant is used by herbalists around the world, which take advantage of their properties to enhance health.

Among the properties of the witch grass include:

  • It is ideal to reduce inflammation.

  • Prevents and contributes to improve diseases of the respiratory tract.

  • It is used to lower fevers.

  • The infusion regulates the digestive processes.

  • Calm kidney colic.

  • Ideal to counteract infections.

  • Help control hypertension.

  • Prevents fluid retention.

  • Reduces diarrhea and upset stomach.

  • Reduces herpes and other viruses.

  • Among other.

As you can see, there are many health benefits and even, many say that this plant is very effective in reducing cancer cells, and is used as a natural chemotherapy providing advances to people who used it as a supplement or alternative medicine traditional. However, it is always important to take into consideration that its use must always be endorsed by people specialized in the application of this type of medicine and with the consent of their treating doctor.

Friends Stemians, I hope you take advantage of the many contributions of this simple plant that many have at hand and yet we have no idea how great it can be.

I hope you like my post, you want them! .


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