NASCARD Tournament 2020 01 Results and Leaderboard

The first tournament is over! Congrats to all of our players.


Payments have been sent to all players.

@cornavirus came in first place with a 5-1-1 record.

It's amazing how different these results are compared to a regular anytime tournament. Part of that is the smaller size, but I think having the same cards is the bigger part.

2020 Season Leaderboard

  1. @cornavirus 4 points
  2. @stever82 3 points
  3. @mechwarrior 2 points
  4. @steamdan 2 points
  5. @raynie 1 point
  6. @dreamymonster 1 point
  7. @nathanpieters 1 point
  8. @michealb 1 point

The season leaderboard will be used to determine invitations to the season ending tournament with over 1,000,000 DEC in prizes!

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