Daisy nails - gel polish process


Finally it's that time to make my nails again after being bare for a few weeks! xD

I've always wanted to do the daisy nails as I found one on Pinterest by The Beauty Benchmark and I can't get my head out of it. I love daisies and they are also seen in some of my works as I use them as symbols for potential and purity. Since now I got yellow nail gel polish, I can now do it!


In this process, I'm still using the nail-tips-method like what I did previously.


First, the tips needed to be the right size for the nails. It's always better to choose a bigger one than a smaller one. Then you could just file the bigger one to fit the nails best.


I added a base gel on my nails as this acts as the "glue" that holds the nail tips. It is necessary to put a little bit thicker than the normal since you don't want any bubbles inside.

Using base coat really is good as it lasts for a few weeks.


Then I pressed the nail tips onto the nail with base coat and put it under the UV light to cure. They will cure cos the tips are transparent, otherwise the UV won't penetrate if they are opaque. There's a bit of a bubble in my thumb but it's okay as it's not on the edge and it's small anyway. I'm definitely improving tho! :P


For the color, I had to mix the yellow and white since the yellow shade I have is more on the yellow-orange side and I don't want that. Good thing about this is that I can just mix them just like normal paint. :D


I added the first layer of the gel polish. Since the gel is quite transparent, I had to put 5 layers, but it's also probably because I'm using a brush that makes the gel be applied thinly.


Then I applied the white petals carefully. It was so hard to do it on my right nails since I'm right-handed. Using my less dominant hand is so difficult but I still managed. After the petals were the yellow circles.

After that, I applied a matte top coat for the nails with daisies and a shiny ones on top of the yellow nails.


Here is the result of my sheer hardwork. The combination of matte and shiny really looks so good.




Ain't they pretty??? :3

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