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Why is my name @JOEYARNOLDVN and what does it mean?

Why did you choose this as your username and is it special and is it lucky? This is my entry to the #MyNameIsWhat @SteemitAchievers (48) contest. Great challenge. Wanna play? Coninue reading to learn how to join.

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2018, April 4th, Wednesday, Midnight, Philippines Time.

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My first name is Joseph on my birth certificate, born 1985 in Oregon, and Joseph means he who adds and Joey is a baby kangaroo and my dad loves Joe Scott Montana of the 49ers. My middle name is also Scott too.


My last name is Arnold, which means the strength of eagles, and not hawks. I knew a man with that last name, Hawk. Seattle Sea Hawks was a good team. My dad, Donald Melvin Rasp, was adopted into the Arnold family. My grandpa, Peter Rasp, was born 1906 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


VN is short for Vietnam where I lived for five years, 2012-2017, where I taught English as a Freelance American English Teacher. For a while, I was known as the Original Oatmeal. Had other nicknames too. Made my username, @JoeyArnoldVN, as early as 2013 or so. And I do film, music, art, entertainment, education, science, health, Bitcoin, technology, life, travel, food, and love basketball and more.

@ JoeyArnoldVN

I chose this username, @JoeyArnoldVN, for the Steem World, for and and the other websites and applications of Steem, because this was already my name on other social networks like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and others, the past five or so years, since maybe 2013 or so, and I originally chose that username for my social networks in order to combine my name, Joey Arnold, with the country I was living in at that time, Vietnam (VN). At one time, my username on Facebook was JoeyArnold, I think, and then I changed it in order to make a fan page with that same URL or username on Facebook some years ago and then Facebook said no or something happened and then I had to or wanted to get my FB username back and FB said no and I was not able to et back my original username and then other things happened and tried many things with usernames and many things and ended up getting JoeyArnoldVN as hat was the closest I could get to JoeyArnold.

Would You Change Your Name?

Part of me wants to say I would keep JoeyArnold as that was my username years ago before Steemit on Facebook and another part of me is happy for the evolution I journeyed through to get to where I am now. I love to have Vietnam as part of my username as that is an opportunity for me to tell people about Vietnam as I tell people about my name and everything. Vietnam means a lot to me. I want people to know that.

Shout Outs

I am shouting out to @Cernovich and @Stefan.Molyneux. Go check them out. I am linking to these two people. They are on Steemit too.

My Name Is What Challenge

2018-03-31 Saturday 11:30 AM LMS: MN - JoeyArnoldVN
Published at 12:16 PM

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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