BlockChain Blew My Mind - Introduction Post


The Error

Years ago I was told by a friend that #Bitcoin and #crypto would be the Future.
I didn't listen.
I'm sure you already know this story, but here's mine :

First off, I'm Belgian, currently in France and my native language is French, sorry in advance if sometimes things are not clear !

Now for the story : It was in 2017, but I heard about Bitcoin before that. I wasn't very interested in it, dealing with the Matrix at my scale, I was just eager to discover the World.

I travelled a lot in Europe, a bit in Northern Africa and Middle East, Japan and Canada were my farthest destination. Loved it. Especially Okinawa and Montréal.

But I'm disgressing from the Bitcoin story. Back in the Matrix. It took me a lot of time to really study and understand (even if i'm not sure to understand all of it) Bitcoin and Blockchain. At first it was just a gambling, guessing which is gonna pump the hardest.

The Comeback

But after, I decided to learn deep. Deep down the rabbit hole.

I already knew there was a problem with the financial system since my 18 years old. But I didn't dig this far the subject of Blockchain. Now I'm eager to learn more and more. And it never stops. This Technology is so powerful and, I think, it has everything we need to fix the big problem of the money/banks. I'm at the phase Lightning and Node right now, learning about that stuff before operating one.

I have skipped the part where I was a big gamer, I really began with Final Fantasy and Wacraft III in my early years. I'm still playing a bit, but more roleplaying right now. The one on my toplist is Vampire the Masquerade, because it's a really a good critic of our society. People can project themselves in a character in our modern world, learn a lot about themselves while playing in a fictional world. Learning and Playing. I think this is the most interesting part. I'm a Player and a Master with a french community on the Net.

Now for Hive, I found this place with #splinterlands and @costanza who was a good guide ! I very much like what I see and how it operates. I will bring what I can to Hive and hopefully it will be useful, I think there is a way that I can surely help, it's with connecting French communities with English ones.

And I love Dogs.

Cya Fellas


Thanks to @anggreklestari who invited me to do this introduction. And @nateaguila for his graphic free to be used.

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