Hello, I am Patsitivity!

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What better way there is for this new journey’s inception than giving you a fair warning that you’ll be astoundingly confuse and may find yourself asking the questions “What is this girl doing with her life?” “Really, she can do all that?” as I unfold myself here in Hive.

A Multipotentialite

Hello, I am Patricia Keziah Mae from the land of lechon (roasted pig) Carcar City, Cebu, Philippines. I know my name’s too long but this has nothing to do with me being a multipotentialite. Oops, okay so before we go into details, maybe it’s your first time hearing the term “multipotentialite”. Let me define it for you then,

Multipotentialite “refers to an individual whose interests span multiple fields or areas, rather than being strong in just one. On the contrary, those whose interests lie mostly within a single field are called "specialists”


(I don't run out of things to think and to do. 😂 )

A long time ago, I’ve discovered that I’m inclined to do so many things — when I’ll be so excited to learn how to play basic piano and guitar then get bored and move to crocheting to drawing mermaids to trying to paint (emphasis on “trying”) to scrapbooking, to directing short films to acting to writing poems and prose for people who apparently didn’t stay long (haha) and the list continues.

(More evidence of my multipontentiality below, so read on! 😊)

Why am I here?

“It’s not for me” that’s what I’d always exclaim to people who have invited me to start writing here. I’ve attempted blogging before but I’d always end up posting one or two articles and that’s it, end of the story. So bear with me because this will be the first time that I’m giving writing profound importance in my already bustling life.

With all honesty, it took me some time to finally say yes to this new expedition. It’s dreading to be writing in a community of writers. My sister is a journalist by educational background. As a child, I could remember I’d secretly read her notebooks full of scribbles that are too wonderful not to be published. She was a natural and I envied her because all I could write were journal entries in my high school diaries that are mostly under the category “Dear First Love” And from there, I thought I’ll never be good enough.

Ate and Fam.png

This is the most precious gem of my life, my family, and my sister who's a natural writer.

I am here because finally, I am believing in myself - that I don’t have to be as good as my sister to write, that I could just be genuinely me, that I could just write whatever is in my heart and mind.

What is Patsitivity?

Graduation pic.png

If I couldn't change the entire world, maybe I could just influence one person at a time and that's basically the same thing, right? 😊

Being a graduate of the country’s premiere state university, I owe my college education to the country’s taxpayers. And because of this, I’ve always dreamed to give back; beyond looking for a job that will pay my bills and secure my future, I have to give back.

My Alma Matter instilled in me that I can take part in changing the world, an ideal that I carry up to date but I realized the world’s too big for a single person to change. But then I was reminded by Mahatma Gandhi to “Be the change you want to see in the world” That’s why I am here.

I am here because I have endless stories to share. Stories that I believe, at least one person needs at some point in time. Stories that will empower people. Stories that could possibly spark change. Stories that could enlighten souls. Stories that could motivate individuals. Stories that will bring the smallest speck of light and hope in the darkest corner of I-don’t-know-whose world. I am here to wear my heart on my sleeves. I will write every single thing that I think will help even a single person.

And with that, I got my pen name Patsitivity. If it’s not yet obvious, it’s basically the combination of my nickname Pat and the word “Positivity”. It used to be @bleedingladyred back in highschool! (Lol, that’s another story in itself 🤣)

I want my life to serve as a reminder that there’s always something more – there’s more to the pain and struggles, more to heartbreaks and break-ups, more to farewells and deaths. Hence, the mantra I’ve been trying to live with in my life is to share positivity wherever I go. I want to light the way so others don’t have to go through the same darkness as I did.

You’ll discover me and I’ll discover you and we will learn from each other here in Hive. I could only imagine the kind of world we’ll have if that’s the case for everyone. Let’s lift each other up!

My life’s passing as I write these words, but putting these words here (and in other platforms), I believe I’m never truly departing from the universe.

What my future posts will be all about?

I was told I could just write whatever I want to write here, is that correct? Someone help me verify this, educate me! 😁

Hence, expect a myriad of content which, as I initially thought, will fall under the categories of:

(1) Travel/Backpacking

Project 81 Ph.png

The farthest up north and down south of my beloved Philippines. ❤️

Back in 2017, I started exploring the eighty-one (81) Provinces of the Philippines with a goal of completing all eighty-one (81) within five (5) years. This is my biggest personal project by far. Before COVID hit, I already explored more than 50% of the Philippines. I eagerly anticipate taking you to the most beautiful islands of the Philippines and introducing you to the most genuine, friendly, and hospitable people I’ve met at least in my lifetime.

My Bogo Family.png

My first out-of-town experience with my college buddies which helped me realize what I truly want in life.

(2) Photography

For once in my life, I’ve been addicted to photography, landscape photography to be more specific. But somehow life caught up and I haven’t been taking pictures with Nuknee, my DSLR, for quite some time now. Who knows I might get back in business one of these days.

Sample Photography_Mayon.png

A landscape photo I took of Mt. Mayon (Magayon) which means "beautiful".

Sample Photography_Pulag.png

Another beautiful landscape of Mt. Pulag that I took when I went on a solo trip there. Story soon! 😊

(3) Health Wellness

Before and After.png

Yup, that's my before and after photo. I'll share with you how I transformed. Soon! 😊

I was always the “big” kid in class (I think you know what I mean) until one day, I realized I have to stop doing what I am doing, or else I’ll kill myself earlier than God will kill me. I will share with you my journey towards a holistically healthy life. I couldn’t wait but share with you one of the things that I’m so obsessed with. No worries, it’s the finest obsession there is haha! So yes, stay tuned!

(4) Financial Literacy

I might also talk about finances here. I am not a financial advisor nor a graduate of a financial management-related course, but I have put into practice what others haven’t. Just a short glimpse, generally I believe that whatever income level you are currently at, you can save! I hope that sinks in. I believe that there’s a lot I could share with you on how to build wealth while enjoying life now.

(5) Personal Development

Okay, let’s slow down a bit here. Breathe in, breathe out. This is the part where I will most likely be focusing my time and articles on.

I don’t know how it happened, it just so happened that I was born for the endless pursuit of my highest state or potentials. I don’t believe that there’s a limit to one’s potentials. If we create a limit in our minds, that’s the only time a limit will exist. But if we believe otherwise, we can do whatever we want. We can dream the biggest dreams. We can fulfill every single desire the Almighty plants in our hearts.

And I guess I warned you fair enough earlier, my hobby is to develop myself, to be more than who and what I am yesterday, to learn those I haven’t heard of, to fail and fall only to rise scathed but victorious.

Personal Development has a broad scope. Let me give you an idea of how I break it down. For my communication skills, I am currently a member of Toastmasters International (TI). (So if there are any Toastmasters in the house, I’d love to talk to you. Maybe I can join your virtual meetings and take up some roles. Okay, enough of me being too friendly! Haha 😄) Reading is under communication as well; I target to read at least one book a month. And of course, writing here in Hive is part of my communication skills development plan.

Up next is technical skills. This is where I categorize baking, cooking, knife works, housekeeping, woodworks (I know I’m a girl but who says we can’t do woodworks? haha), and a lot more.


Before I became the head of the Demand Planning section, I did all kind of stuff at work. 😂

Equally important is creative skills. I can play guitar and ukulele; I used to play piano back in High school. Right now I’m relearning to edit and create videos. I’m planning to enroll myself in a face-to-face dance class soon (so COVID, you might want to bid farewell soon to us, pretty please? 😭 )


Janelle and I tried enhancing our skills after a stressful day at school. And a meal I prepared for my breakfast.

Personal development also includes spiritual growth. By the way, I am a practicing Roman Catholic. In February of 2019, I first joined The Feast, what is Feast? We can talk about that some other time.

If you’re a multipotentialite, one key success factor is time management. We are only given twenty-four (24) hours for everything we have to do and we want to do. Time management is also a skill. And because it is a skill one can learn it, improve on it and optimize it for one’s advantage. We will definitely talk about this later on!

Time Management.png

I'm using a Bullet Journal to organize my life. ❤️

(6) Entertainment

Maybe I’ll be talking about my sanity fallback? Kdramas and all those stuff. Are there fans here? Haha! 😂

A Supply Chain Practitioner

Following the same line of thought, my career interest has also moved from History (I really want to be an Anthropologist before) to Economics (then I’d like to work on the Central Bank of the Philippines (BSP), Asian Development Bank (ADB) and World Bank) to Advertising (But then one day I woke up wanting to create ads) to Branding before I finally found the one – Supply Chain. So I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, I’d wake up and I’d like to become the President of the Philippines haha! Kidding aside, I work at one of Cebu’s prides in the food manufacturing industry. I am in love with ensuring that Filipinos get the affordable processed food they deserve whenever and wherever they need it.


I'm beyond blessed to have these girls in my team!❤️

You’re amazing!

If you’ve reached this point of my write-up, you are awesome for keeping up with my blabber. 😲😍 How’s that possible that you’ve reached this far? How about leave a comment (or message me(?) LOL! I don’t even know how this works) and let me know your thoughts on what I just said and all?

Which topic would you like to hear first from a multipotentialite? Travel stories? Tips on saving or buying your first real estate? How I maintain a healthy and balanced life? I’m beyond curious, so let me know! 😊

Sending peace and love your way! See you on the bright side, fellas! ❤️

And before I forget, @ybanezkim26 and @glecerioberto thank you for introducing Hive to me. You’re God-sent. ❤️


Living life intentionally every single day, she believes that there’s no limit to one’s potentials. Right now, she’s on the loose for the pursuit of an endless holistic self-growth and development. She wants to light the way for others. She believes there’s no better way to leave a legacy than to pay it forward.

Her ultimate goal in life is to reach the state of enlightenment where there’s nothing but peace, love, happiness, and contentment - nothing more, nothing less.

If you are captivated by what this girl just wrote here, an upvote is pretty appreciated. Follow her as she tells her stories full of positivities. The next story might be for you! ❤️

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