My Introduction to the Hive Community / @lupafilotaxia

Hello everyone, my name on the HIVE platform is @lupafilotaxia.

I will take advantage of the recent contest announced by @anomadsoul, which I understood has the endorsement and sponsorship of @blocktrades and @ocd, to make my formal presentation on the social platform HIVE.

My name and nationality

My name is Luis Alberto Paz Peinado, Venezuelan, I was born in Santa Bárbara region located south of Lake Maracaibo, considered the prodigious, livestock and agricultural area of the country.

Sentimental relationship

In my daily earthly and emotional life, I am accompanied by my wife Alaiza Cruz @alaiza, who gave me the best of gifts, our beautiful daughter Luisana Chiquinquirá and Sebastián Alberto Paz Cruz, little creatures that since their births became the light and unquestionable reason for our motivations in life, in my small family I find spiritual peace and emotional stability to move forward in the most difficult moments.

University studies and profession

I am an Engineer of Agricultural Production,graduated from the Universidad Nacional Experimental Sur del Lago "Jesús María Semprum" The Open Sky Production University, and MSc. in Agronomy Plant Production, from the Universidad Nacional Experimental del Táchira.

Work activity

Currently, I am a Professor at the Universidad Nacional Experimental Sur del Lago "Jesús María Semprum", in the Agricultural Botany curricular unit. It is important to point out that within my university activities, I also work as a research professor and I am part of the Sustainable Agriculture Group (GAS-UNESUR) as the person responsible for the research line: Production, physical, chemical and microbiological characterization and valorization of compost, vermicompost, soil amendments and substrates.

How do I get to the previous STEEM platform?

I joined the Steem platform, practically 2 years ago in May 2018, thanks to the invitations and suggestions made by my friend and colleague José Ángel Amesty Casto @amestyj.

How did I start to upload content related to the wonderful world of Botany?

When I used the science tag by suggestion, I received a comment from @iamphysical, curator of the #STEM-espanol academic community associated with the #SteemSTEM project (now #HiveSTEM), who positively valued the published content, a very significant moment personally, since I have published uninterruptedly for both tags since then.

Role within the community #STEM-espanol

At present, I play the role of Collaborator of the area of Biology of the Spanish-speaking scientific community par excellence #STEM-espanol, thanks to the confidence that have deposited in me their managers @carloserp-2000 and @iamphysical.

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Publication themes

The material that I divulge, is elementally of scientific character and is related, as already indicated, to the study of the marvelous world of Botany, with the following thematic order;

1. Botany
2. Synecology
3. Morphological differentiation
4. Phytomechanics
5. Bioprotocol for Epiphytic Plants
6. Plant biotype and adaptability
7. Plant polymorphism
8. Polychromatic Botany
9. Technological use of plant species
10. AudioVisual Botany
11. Forest Botany
12. Psychoactive Flora
13. Forensic botany

My project and content to be developed in HIVE

The projected thematic focus, to develop content in the emerging platform Hive, will focus on socializing information about plant species as; Source of carbohydrates, oils, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins, in addition to aromatic value and dye production.


Readers and followers

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If you wish to read more scientific articles in English or Spanish, of excellent academic quality, do not hesitate to visit #SteemSTEM at Hive for the moments #HiveSTEM and #STEM-Spanish, communities that promote scientific content mainly in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

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