Just Smillin' and Wavin' at the Price of Hive 😎


Hello everyone!

I've been very busy focusing on other projects as well as studying so it makes it more difficult to make time to create posts other than my usual Actifit Reports. Fortunately, those have been very rewarding lately and my consistency is still up! Well...Except for my commenting lol but by this time I don't have to prove to anyone other than myself that if I can I can focus only on content creation whenever I want and be successful. Let's just say that I'm building myself and creating content in other forms for a better future :)

Anyway...What? There was a huge Hive pump during the week?


I think there's not much to see here...other than just keep filling my Hive bags 😎

Let's go to the fancy table:

Goals10/3111/28Percentage to Goal
HIVE Power (10000)5213530653,06%
LEO Power (2000)1314135267,60%
CTPSB (1000)67467467,40%
INDEX (4500)3870389086,44%
PIZZA Power (1000)30533633,60%
UTOPIS (250)686927,60%
BRO (250)414116,40%

3000 INDEX Completed at 13/06!

150000 CTP Power Completed at 01/08!

5000 HIVE POWER Completed at 03/10!

The blue bars are a bit neglected lately but posting is ok at least!


Since the month is almost ending, let's check the monthly overall:


Based just on the total Author and Curation rewards and the value of HIVE at the moment, that is almost like a part-time salary huh?


And there are still people saying they can't make a single penny online...


About David's Savings:


Looking good :)

And that's about it for today!

How were your goals this week?

Let's talk about it in the comments below :)

Have an awesome week!


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