#MyCOVIDStory Initiative - COVID-19 Awareness in India

Hello Hivers

COVID is still a big problem around the globe. Humanity has come together to fight this disease, but there are places where it is getting out of control. India is one of these places. @bobinson, one of the devs of the @spknetwork and also Hive Witness, is from India. He has shared with us the difficult situation that the people from India are living in.

This initiative is to bring awareness in India to the virus SARS-CoV-2 that results in the COVID-19 disease. The initiative will be only for people who live in India and have a story to share.


To Participate:

  • It is required that you live in India to participate. We will have the help of some Community Leaders from India to verify this.

  • Write a post or make a 3Speak video sharing your COVID Story.

  • Besides your story, you can share helpful tips or resources, check this post by @bobinson as an example.

  • Use the #mycovidstory tag in your Hive post or 3Speak video.

  • Share your posts on web 2.0 Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook.


Participants will be eligible for upvotes from my account and @threespeak if they choose to make a video. There is also a pool of 1,000 Liquid HIVE to split among participants.

I'm tagging some Indian community members: @jznsamuel - @bhattg - @steemflow - @bala41288 - @saye, and of course @bobinson. If you know more, share this post with them.

Do you have an idea for an initiative or contest like this one? Contact Eddie Espino on Discord (eddiespino#2240), Twitter, or Telegram (@eddiespino).


If this is your first time uploading a video to 3Speak.tv and you have questions on how to do it, feel free to contact @eddiespino.

Here is a tutorial to create and connect a 3Speak account to HIVE

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