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Greeting !

During this months, there are many projects in Steemit and SMT tokens released. Although the steem price is lower and lower, the developers never give up. One of this projects is Steempress.

It is the posting steemit articles from website. If we install and activate its plugins, the articles on website will appear on steemit. But there is one thing. We need to set up the time to zero in settings. That makes instant appearance on steemit. The reason is to correspond with the golden rules of Steemit. If we submit the posts on Steemit later than on our website, this may means as copying the articles.


What is the advantages if we submit a post from Steempress ?

  • We can design our posts more attractive than Steemit.
  • We can get a website which shows our articles.
  • We can have a chance to promote our articles.
  • We may get the upvote from steempress.


There are also disadvantages as being good points.

  • We may get upvote but it isn't sure.
  • Becasue it give upvote as per curies' vote trails, we should submit the posts which is sure to get such vote.
  • Because there is 15% benefactor reward, it won't make convenient if we don't get any upvote from it.
  • "The more quality contents we write, the bigger upvote we will have" is just the enticement, the whales didn't find and give their upvotes to ones with the best writing and the ones with the good trying. If we promote our posts with bid bots, it will be public and have a chance to get another upvotes, and this is a custom. That is why we can't hope it anymore.

Does it make trouble if we don't have a Website ?

We need a website to connect with steempress, but it is not a problem. Because steempress accepts the free website . I have shared how to set up a free website and if we give 5 steems, we will get the sites from 4 providers.

They are @xopus , , @vornix , @fuerza-hispana .

Therefore, we don't need to be worried about website.

So what is the problem ?

As all know, the main problem is that the good writer is unable to get the upvotes. They said they will upvote the quality contents, but there is the case never getting the upvotes for some good writers. Honestly, I am not a good writer, but I tried more and more and finally I can tell which my opinion is , with the all-well-known language. But I notice that no one except our community didn't know my existence. Some people are getting a profitable vote while writing with their mother languages. As per conversation on discord, I know that steempress will follow curies' vote trails, but why din't the bot upvote my posts which had got the upvots from curies ? That is weird. If I don't get its upvote, I should consider it because of the benefactor reward 15%. Esteem take 10% benefactor reward , but I have got its upvote if I submit my post after 24 hrs from the previous post. And there is no risk. In steempress, we should be aware that we will face the copy problem. We have to try our best to receive an article and if it is difficult to post on Steemit due to internet problem, website's problem and server problem, there is no choice except we have to write another article. Recently, I saw that some 5 steems website have their server problem.


I request it to check my account in discord, but there is no appropriate answer. If it follows curies' vote trails, I should get upvote. This is simple. I am the whitelist member of minnowbooster and all my posts are for the benefits of my community. Last night, I tried to submit a post again with steempress, but it seems my case is the same as always. The reason of my question in discord is to make sure whether I have still a chance to get its upvote or not. If not sure, why do I submit my posts from steempress. I can't share my author reward as a service charges without any profit. My first target is to be minnow, so the tiny amounts are very important for me. I use all my earnings to power up, to purchase steembasicincome's shares and to donate. Now I will submit my posts from esteem and will copy/ paste to my website after that.


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