My 2018: Welcoming the new year - Oatmeal in Shelton

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More Memes.

I celebrated it on my computer. During the 2018 year, I began making more memes. I was gardening. That's what it is all about. Getting back into the earth, back to basics, back to Original Oatmeal like never ever before. I was taking off my Star Wars Mask. I was in Oregon. I went to Shelton, WA, near Seattle. I did web design for Shelton Music and also the online monthly newsletter for Mountain View Alliance Church. We ventured to Oregon for Thanksgiving.


We build a book shed for mom.

This article is my entry to @anomadsoul's Entering the 2019 New Years Contest which is all about how people celebrate New Years Eve and New Years Day, that is the last day of the Sun Calendar of December 31st of each year and that of the first of January of each year. I would go to all-night parties at times. We can countdown to the new year from 10. All the way down, 3, 2, 1, happy New Years. We can have games, snacks, songs, parties, activities. I was born in 1985 in Oregon, USA. I have done many different things at different times to celebrate the new year with people depending on the year. For 2019, I was on my computer writing, watching YouTube videos, writing to people, things like that. Back to my 2018 review, I wrote a bunch of Green Oatmeal and Green Eggs & Ham all over Steemit like a Mad Hatter. I joined that Forbidden Frogs Forum. I joined more websites, social networks, blockchains, etc, in 2018, as seen here. I reported on the news and spread links to my articles to around 40 different websites at times. I was even uploaded videos to around 20 of those websites. I did some landscaping for my dad, and then for Cliff. Did some work for Kelly and Clarence. Click here to see my 2018 year in review article. Larry bought me boots, glasses, clothes, jackets. Drove us to places like church, Oregon, an island, etc. They went to Canada. I did some painting. I wrote articles on my life in Vietnam for 5 years. I did a lot of biography posts on other eras in my life as well. You can find more info on some of that in my biography as seen in the links below:

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My 2018: Welcoming the new year - Oatmeal in Shelton

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