MuTerra's Crate sale starts on 14th January 2023 and this post will talk all about it.

With "why should I buy these crates?" being the main focus, lets begin this post.



As you play the game, you will encounter a lot of collectible items which we call raw materials. The raw materials can be classified into 3 categories, namely, Minerals, Plants and Mutee-Drops.

These raw materials have varying rarities and encounter rates and have 2 main uses :

  1. They can be used to make mutee cages, equipment, potions, secondary items, accessories, bags and more to help you progress in the game.
  2. They can be sold to the shopkeeper to receive MUT - The one and only token of the whole game.

There are 20+ Minerals, 20+ Plants and 70 Mutee-Drops in the first region of MuTera, i.e., Andaman.

A Crate is a container of Raw Materials found in the first region of MuTerra.



The Crate Sale of MuTerra will be starting on 14th January 2023 at 2PM GMT/UTC. The details of the sale are given below :

  • Total supply of Crates = 1,000,000
  • The total amount of crates is equally divided into 10 tiers which means, there are 10 tiers, each having 100,000 Crates.
  • The price of the Crates depend on the tier that is currently on sale.
  • Price of first tier is 1$ and with every tier the price increases by 1$. So, at tier 10, the price of each crate would be 10$.
  • Crates can be bought by paying in either HIVE or SWAP.HIVE or HBD or SWAP.HBD or SWAP.WAX
  • You will be able to buy crates on 14th January 2023 at 2 PM GMT from the MuTerra Website.



One might ask why should crates be bought when its contents can be obtained by playing the game. Lets go ahead and read what the founder has to say about it :

  1. It helps fund the game development
  2. Crates have 20 limited edition Mutee-Drops that cannot be found by playing the game and these are an essential part in crafting limited edition items.
  3. Crates give 0.01 MUT per day per crate as airdrop.
  4. Buying early gives the biggest returns as the price of crates go up after every 100,000 crates are sold out.
  5. Some players might find searching for raw materials as a tedious job. While there can be some raw materials that are just too hard to find. These crates help in such situations!
  6. Crates are an easy source of MUT. The items that you find in them can be sold to the in-game shopkeeper for MUT.
  7. Buying crates give you Tier Points and Golden Points, which in return makes you eligible for limited edition airdrops and Golden Leaf!



Tier points represent the number of crates bought in a particular tier. Make note that a Tier point is exclusive to the on-going tier sale and does NOT carry forward to the next tier.
So, if you buy 70 crates in tier 7, you will have 70 Tier Points.

After every tier is sold out, a tier airdrop takes place. Tier points accumulated in that particular tier become eligible for that tier's airdrop.

You are guaranteed 1 Tier Airdrop for every 500 Tier Points.

NOTE : Each Tier point has a chance of receiving a Tier airdrop. Its just that 500 Tier points guarantees at least 1.

The best part about these Tier Airdrops is that they will be all limited edition with the following rarities :

Tier 1 - Common Rarity
Tier 2 - Common Rarity
Tier 3 - Uncommon Rarity
Tier 4 - Uncommon Rarity
Tier 5 - Rare Rarity
Tier 6 - Rare Rarity
Tier 7 - Epic Rarity
Tier 8 - Epic Rarity
Tier 9 - Legendary Rarity
Tier 10 - Mythical Rarity

The details of these items will be revealed every time a tier gets sold out. Note that the airdrops will be triggered manually.




A Golden leaf is an NFT that can turn any regular foil mutee card into a gold foil! And one should not forget that a gold foiled version of any mutee is 10% better in all stats and also has 10 times more burn value!


A golden point represents 1$ spent on buying a crate. Simply put, each $ spent on crates, irrespective of tiers, gives 1 golden point.
So, if you buy 1 crate in tier 10, you'll be spending 10$ and will receive 10 golden points.

There will only be 10 Golden Leaf NFTs. 5 of those will be given to the top 5 Golden Point holders. The remaining 5 will be raffled off.

At a later stage, when voting is implemented, DAO can decide whether to have more Golden Leaf NFTs issued or not and if they are issued, then how to introduce them into the system.

Golden Points will also be redeemable for other perks which will be revealed when we approach the end of tier 10.



The day when Crates of MuTerra are openable will mark MuTerra's Beta Launch. In other words, a player will NOT be able to open the crates till Beta Release. Till then, Crates will give 0.01 MUT per day per crate.

When opened, each crate will have a guaranteed mutee-drop in addition to random amounts of other raw materials of various rarities.

For instance, Person A and Person B open 1 crate each :

Person A's opening :

  • 1x mutee drop
  • 7x common plant
  • 3x rare mineral
  • 5x mythical plant
  • 2 limited edition mutee drop

Person B's opening :

  • 1x mutee drop
  • 7x legendary plant
  • 1x rare mineral

So, a crate opening will always be full of mysteries, happiness, heart-breaks and tons of excitement!!

Do note that the guaranteed Mutee-drop increases the chances of getting the drops of limited edition mutees which are essential to craft limited edition items. How tempting!



Don't forget to invite your friends over to MuTerra! Every time they purchase something, you'll receive 1% of the amount straight to your hive wallet!

Read more about it here : REFERRAL BONUS





MuTerra is set in a post-apocalyptic world where radiation has killed almost all of humanity and has mutated plants and animals. You, the survivors, are tasked with ensuring that humanity doesn't go extinct by exploring the wild, capturing the mutated animals and taming them.

MuTerra is a TCG + RPG game on HIVE blockchain.

  • RPG : explorations, raids, quests, interacting with NPCs, solving mysteries, character stories, and more

  • TCG : PvE and PvP battles, collect NFTs, trade them and fight other players using the cards you have collected to prove you are the better tamer.


Open MuTerra Website


We reserve the right to change or modify any of the terms and values contained in this post or any other posts of MuTerra, at any time and in our sole discretion.

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