Catch up on - The Zombie Apocalypse!

This set was originally broadcast on Brixton Radio on 13th September 2021, where I play weekly.

I had a total blast on my show this week playing with Zombies! Here's me stood at my modular synth wall dialling up the filter and bit crusher settings that I'm feeding juicy zombie samples through...

Brixton Radio - Arisen Edition.png

I was so happy with this show, that I've decided to upload the full video (normally you can catch up on Mixcloud, but that's audio only).

I've felt for some time that in my sets there are one or two bits that I love (during the hour or so of improvising) but I've been working on bringing together the techniques that work and with this one I like all of it (nearly anyway - it wouldn't be improvisation if it was perfect!).

So without further ado, you can watch the set in full below:

Special thanks to Michael Stephen Fuchs for contributing the speech samples used in this set - all taken from the audiobook version of ARISEN, Book Three - Three Parts Dead.

You can get the full series of audiobooks here:

There's also loads more great music from Brixton Radio at and you can catch me live there every Monday from 9pm UK time.

Speech samples in this set used with kind permission: Text copyright ©2013 Michael Stephen Fuchs & Glynn James, Production copyright ©2014 Podium Publishing, all rights reserved.

Right then - time to switch up my modular patch and do something different once again in preparation for next Monday's show!

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