Rising Star. Sunday!

Good day, Rising Star family!

Sunday, Day 395 with Rising Star Game.


It was a super busy week. I think I slept just 3-4 hours a day. And after I crossed the line of 6,000 played gigs in total, I slowed down. So, during the last 3 days, I played around 10 missions a day.

But I still have a big goal and I am getting closer to it. Today I did a pretty big step toward that goal! I closed another achievement. I played 500th Radio Interview gig, and I added 10,000 starbits more to my Hive Engine wallet.

07:25 Congratulations! You completed 500 Radio Interview missions and got a reward of 500 starbits!

The good bonus on that way was a slice of pizza :)
07:09 You found a discarded pizza which has refilled your energy because all your Pizza Boxes are full.

Now I need just 15,000 starbits more and I will become a millionaire!!! Maybe I will buy these starbits, maybe not... I am not sure yet :)

But I plan to reach that goal during the next week!

I hope my 'diary' and my story will motivate you to keep working towards your goal!

Good luck! Have a nice day!

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