Rising Star. Record Staking

Good day, Rising Star family!

Monday, Day 340 with Rising Star Game.

Monday is a hard day. I am super lazy these days. Maybe because of the weather. But I keep exploring new features and tools on Rising Star!

Here is an official post about Record staking

So, I decided to try it and see how does it work.

My investment

I staked 3,000 starbits. 1000 starbits per 1 record.




I staked starbits a couple of days ago, and here's what I got... Yes, nothing. As I understood you receive the reward when the NFT is transferred to the game. So, it means, the nfts I voted for weren't transferred yet.



Investing in the record is undefined in terms of time and money. You never know when the NFT will be transferred to the game. Also, if many people will stake the starbits on the same record, then you will get less share.

I plan to keep my stakes for a while...And maybe I will invest more starbits...

Today's tip

Starbits unstaking takes 3 days and you will not earn rewards during the unstaking period.

Good luck! Have a nice day!

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