Rising Star. Game Progress

Good day, Rising Star family!

Tuesday, Day 377 with Rising Star Game.

It is the last summer day and it is raining outside. I feel tired, I am too lazy to do anything, but... I want to share my game progress with you :)

I want to share with you 2 news!

First of all, I am so close to 6,000 missions in total! I hope by the end of the day I will make it 5,800 in total...


And the second news is I have almost 900,000 STARBITS on my HE wallet!


I hope I will get my millionaire card next month! And I definitely will organize another giveaway to celebrate it!

These days I am too busy to spend much time playing Rising Star Game, so I mainly play missions that are longer than 2 hours...

Now I am going to make a coffee and work...work...work...

Good luck! Have a nice day!

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