Rising Star. A New Idea

Good day, Rising Star family!

Wednesday, Day 391 with Rising Star Game.


I am not sure if you really like that idea, but it came to my head and I wanted to share it with you asap!

Now I am playing hard to make 6,000 gigs played in total. Also, I have some gigs that I play daily.

So, the idea is What about adding some challenge to the daily gameplay?

If there is something like daily, weekly, or monthly tasks/quests it will motivate people to play particular missions more, or, at least, to spend more time in the game.

For example, There can be a task to play 20 Illegal Busking gigs during the week. Or, use Guitar in the music lesson, or earn 1,000 XP, etc... Or, even spending a particular amount of Starbits! And if the player completes that task, he/she can get a reward. Below I will write down some rewards, that I thought about.

Possible rewards

  • Starbits / Starpro
  • Cards
  • Extra XP

Good luck! Have a nice day!

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