Rising Star. 6,000 gigs in total!

Good day, Rising Star family!

Thursday, Day 392 with Rising Star Game.

I finally did it! I played 6,000 gigs in total!


Yesterday was a very hard day! I had a lot of work irl and at the same time, I wanted to play my 6,000th mission asap! And I did it! Of course, it cost me a lot of ego+ and time, and pizzas. At one point I had 0% energy, 0 pizzas...


Also, there was a moment when I had to choose between Ego and Starbits...


But in the end, I did it! I played the 6,000th mission!

07:28 Congratulations! You completed 6000 missions and got a reward of 6000 starbits!

I received an amazing bonus, I received free starbits! And that is a really cool contribution towards my millionaire dream!

Another happy news is that today I reached level 138!


And that is not all! I will add another 10,000 Starbits to my HE wallet a little bit later today! So, I will need to earn just 30,000 starbits to become a millionaire!!!

And one more thing.... The message that I love most 07:09 You found a discarded pizza which has refilled your energy because all your Pizza Boxes are full.

Good luck! Have a nice day!

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