Top 10 Frightened Rabbit Songs


This was a tall task to rank songs from my favorite band. My favorite Frightened Rabbit song is generally whatever Frightened Rabbit song I’m listening to at the moment. Some of my interpretations may be “wrong” but they’re just what I feel or take from the song.
I won’t be including side projects such as the Owl John solo record, Fruit Tree Foundation, or Mastersystem on this list. (Only a few songs would be in contention anyway.)

My Rankings

  1. Head Rolls Off – Inspirational and heartfelt and possibly the most quintessential Frightened Rabbit song. The lyrics “While I’m alive I’ll make tiny changes to earth” even inspired the name of the Tiny Changes charity.
  2. Floating in the Forth – This was always a sad song with a tinge of hope to it. However, it becomes even sadder and hopeless after singer Scott Hutchison committed suicide exactly as described in the song about 10 years after this track was written.
  3. The Modern Leper – This track gets your blood pumping and is a rollicking opener track for The Midnight Organ Fight.
  4. Norland Wind (w/ Lau) – This is an adaptation of a Scottish folk song (based off the poem The Wild Geese by Violet Jacob) and it’s beautiful. I’d love to hear it played at my funeral.
  5. The Wrestle – Such a dynamic song and tackles the raw animalistic passion of sex.
  6. Architect (w/ Manchester Orchestra) – Two of my favorite singers team up for this heartfelt track.
  7. Die Like a Rich Boy (acoustic) – I consider this to be the definitive version of the track with Scott sitting on a bench in an abandoned building, singing his heart out as vapor steams from his mouth.
  8. Living in Colour – This is probably the most upbeat Frightened Rabbit tune, though "Though I dreamt with a rapid eye By day I hope to rapidly die And have my organs laid on ice Gave to somebody that’ll treat them right And as the night started swallowing You put the blood to my blue lips Forced the life through still veins Filled my heart with red again"
  9. Nitrous Gas – A heartbreaking ballad about the inability to feel joy. It’s haunting and makes you feel alive.
  10. Good Arms vs Bad Arms – A sad, folksy tune that is absolutely timeless. The backing vocals throughout the song really make the track.

Honorable Mentions:

The Loneliness and the Scream
Keep Yourself Warm
Radio Silence
Woke Up Hurting
Death Dream
Boxing Night
State Hospital
Get Out
The Woodpile
Swim Until You Can’t See Land
The Twist
How It Gets In (w/ Julien Baker)
An Otherwise Disappointing Life
and pretty much everything else they wrote.

For some Frabbit bsides and rarities you may not have heard, check out this non-album track playlist on YouTube.

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