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Hello my friends today I wanted to release a blog of my latest instrumentals album so that you all could listen to some of my best music from over the last few years. My album is called "Mystro Music" I've got some of my best beats from the past decade on here and I've never put this album on Hive, until now! This album is both centralized and decentralized lol but It's never been on here.

I have worked hard these last few years making beats, trying to market myself and push my name out as a music producer this album shows living proof of that. I remember having my lab set up in my old apartment kitchen where I made some of my best classics. It hasn't been too long since I've again released this music on the web. I have a lot more music in store for you guys with the years to come! I'm now looking forward to expanding through streaming not just through hubs like Spotify but through Blockchain as well. I feel that this is only the beginning of the movement for people who have talents and can "earn" at a fair wage through Blockchain.

Mystro Music is available to listen on Soundcloud with the help of a good friend and collaborator "G. Boyd" on a few tracks here is "Mystro Music"

Here are some more music links from me and G. Boyd

Thank you again for your support for us as musicians we need to bring more places like this out in the open for us! By the way I've thought of a great idea for Hive that would work great for content creators with collaborations. What about percentage Collaborations? I've told my friends about Hive a few times but they're not into crypto like me but who's to say they won't be interested in the coming years. Real cool people I would like to get them on here already have told them it doesn't even have to take any investment just great content. I have a film maker on board with it I'll have to send him a link for this and a pal discord link! I'll be trying to recruit more good people on here You all be safe out there and keep doing whatever it is you love to do! Peace!!

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