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Here is what we are selling from our catalog as seen in these photos. For more information, or if you want to order, please email us the product name, the product number, and the page number: our email address is


Shelton Music LLC is a retail music store in Shelton, WA: our slogan is "SMALL STORE BUT BIG DISCOUNTS" and we buy, sell, consign, new and used music instruments, accessories, items, things, like electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, drums, keyboards, band instruments, trumpets, violins, violas, harmonicas, string instruments, wind instruments, brass instruments, all kinds of instruments, and chimes, triangles, flutes, microphones, speakers, stands, bags, strings, drink holders, wireless mics, cables, cords, wires, adapters, adaptors, batteries, pedals, effects, tuners, portable P.A. systems, lights, lamps, lighting systems, accordions, accordians, mic systems, kazoos, rhythm bands, novelties, tin whistles, noise filters, caps, polish, pegs, batons, fingerboards, pins, etc. This is just a small list from the top of my head in no particular order.

Please email us for more information, if you have questions, feedback, concerns, comments, requests, orders, or anything.


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Our Motto Slogan:

Small Store But Big Discounts.


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Email us your orders with the product names, product numbers, and the page numbers to our email address:


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Shelton Music LLC

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Ask us about discounts & other options. Our disclaimer is that this is what we currently have but is subject to change without notice. Come while supplies last.

We may also have bulletin boards.

And we may have message boards, which may feature music lessons, repair services, classified ads, advertisements, things on sale, musician gigs, and maybe other things too, on our websites, maybe on our Facebook Group, at the store on the wall, and maybe other places too.

Post On Our Boards!

Yeah, you may want to post your own things on our boards too: you may be able to network and meet new friends, teachers, students, new band members, possible gigs, and more: remember, we are here to serve you, to help you out in music related things: and remember our motto.

Small Store But Big Discounts.

And we try to give you service with a smile and maybe a joke too: feel free to contact us for more information: Feel free to call us. You can also email us.





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