Stewart Copeland: Where The Gods Live

Reverb magazine had the opportunity to visit legendary composer and musician Stewart Copeland at his musical home, Sacred Grove Studios. The conversation began discussing his work as a drummer (for which he's internationally known due to his work in The Police), but soon branched out to discuss his background in jazz, his adventures (and misadventures) uncovering rhythmic mysteries in Africa, and his work as a composer for ballet and film.
        All along the way, Stewart displays the instruments he has collected over the years. Stewart Copeland has been a huge influence on my music and drumming. He manages to effortlessly hold down a Rhythm while avoiding any standard backbeats, adding fantastic fills and emphasis in places no one else even attempts! He has made his own style and created many new rhythms all of his own - which is sadly rare! I know that you'll be enthralled on your journey into Stewart Copeland's world... where the Gods live.

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