Red Rain - With Stewart Copeland On Hi Hat!

"Red Rain" is the first track on English artist and musician Peter Gabriel's 1986 solo album: So.
        I have always loved Peter Gabriel's work but especially loved the So album. Strongly percussive in nature, Red Rain features two notable American drummers: Stewart Copeland from the Police played the hi-hat for the rain-like background sound and was specially requested by Gabriel due to his mastery of the instrument, while the rest of the drumming was provided by Gabriel's regular drummer Jerry Marotta.
        Bass guitar is my second favourite instrument to play after drums, The bass on this album was provided by the stunning Tony Levin. He very unusually uses a sawn down drum stick to provide extra percussive slap bass on this incredible song.
        The album So is a tour de force, I was lucky enough to witness live back in 1987 at Olympia, Earls court London. I was particularly fortunate because Kate bush made her one and only appearance of the entire world tour, performing the duet: Don't give up, with Peter Gabriel.

The line up for Red Rain

Jerry Marotta – drums
Chris Hughes – Linn programming
Stewart Copeland – hi-hat
Tony Levin – bass guitar
David Rhodes – backing vocals
Daniel Lanois – guitar
Peter Gabriel – vocals, piano, CMI, Prophet


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