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I was watching some Farscape

Track 4, PianoTeq 7 'Electra Fatty' w/ Gated Delay
last night, and was working on some random stuff in Ableton, which is sort of compiled here (the title is a ship on the show, haha, not anything related to the tune). I like the drums, the rest of it is just sort of trying out different things, none of which I think work well, at least not yet. Track 1 has the drum pattern, though I used two different drum kits and recorded them into Tracks 2 and 3. We're in 5/8 here, and I tried to make the kick/snare parts a little more interesting, alternating every other bar. I think maybe some more variations might've been good, as it's a little repetitive, so I'll play around with that. Track 4 uses PianoTeq, one of the electric piano sounds, and plays the chords pictured to the right above. I think maybe they're a bit too spaced out, you sort of lose the chord sound by the time the next chord happens. Track 5 was recorded from the Arturia Matrix-12 demo, though it has a random Thermal effect on it, which definitely doesn't work, dunno really why I added it, haha. Finally, we have Track 6, a keyboard from Hybrid Keys 2, which was gonna be a bass part, but it sort of just wound up being kinda muddy, so that'll definitely get the cut too. I'm gonna probably save a new instance of this and delete everything but the drums, and try and start again from there, so I'll share the results if I come up with anything more interesting.

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Track 1, Drums, Two Different Kits in Track 2 and 3

Listen to Zelbinion here...

Hope you enjoy!

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