'Spacious' - New Original Music - A Quick Creation from Last Night - Electronic/Instrumental

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I only worked on one idea last night

as I got a bit distracted with TV, haha, but I like most of this idea thus far. I started with a session in 7/8, and just outlined a basic progression, pictured below, which is played by a few different instruments from Arturia's Matrix-12 Demo, and a couple of PianoTeq pianos. I of course had to record the Matrix-12 tracks to audio, as the demo ends after 30 minutes, so any changes to any of the presets would be lost. I started by recording a single piano (specifically the 'Felt' setting of the New York Steinway D), playing the chords, then reversed each of the clips to get some cool little swells. I added a Gated Delay to this, which gave it a cool little choppy effect as it swells in. The next track was the same chords, using a Matrix-12 pad sound; this has an LFOTool preset on it to get some more choppiness, though this doesn't really swell in and stays consistent in the background. Track 4 was next, which added a different piano line (same PianoTeq instrument), a little lead part in a higher register, which also is reversed, though I didn't use the Gated Delay here. Track 3 was another pad sound, but I pitched the audio up an octave. Track 2 provided the distorted synth sound, which can be heard in the intro and the last portion of the track. Finally, we have Tracks 8, 9 and 10, which are all drums, and add a pretty standard dancey beat, though since we're in 7/8, it feels a bit more interesting. I don't know how well the end with the drums fits, but I figured I'd sit on this for a few days, see if anything comes to me.

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Listen to Spacious here...

Hope you enjoy!

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