'Spaces' - New Original Music - A Few Changes to Yesterday's Song - Electronic/Instrumental

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So I went and deleted the drums

Track 8, Face Melt Kit, Snare-esque Sounds
from yesterday's song, as I didn't think the dancey beat was all that interesting, and tried some new things. I decided to use that 'Analog Face' kit, which I've used MANY times before, as I just love the sounds in it. I spent some time playing around with the Glue Compressor, along with some other effects, and got it to fit decently into everything else going on (I didn't EQ anything yet really, figured I'd do that once I liked the general direction of it). I also added Ableton's echo effect to these drums, though the wet is turned down pretty low, so you just occasionally hear the little delay tails sparkling off into the distance, at different rhythms in each speaker. Track 8 was the next addition, which uses the 'Face Melt' kit, which just uses two sounds, which provide the crunchy, snare-esque sort of sounds that come in at a few spots toward the end. I think keeping the drums sparse, and using less of a traditional beat, works much better than the 4 on the floor thing from yesterday. I also added a filter to Track 2, only used in the intro/first time around, just to make it a little less intense, so at the end, when its unfiltered, it feels for more upfront and interesting.

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Track 7, 'Analog Face Kit'

Listen to Spaces here...

Hope you enjoy!

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