'Max Living' - New Original Music - Some Random Max for Live Exploration Turns Into a Rough Idea - Electronic/Instrumental

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I was thinking about it yesterday

Track 5, Max for Live Instrument + Effects, Making Noises
and realized I haven't used very many Max for Live instruments or effects recently, so I spent some time just exploring last night, and this is the result. I didn't intend for this to be a song, but it slowly turned into a pretty weird, dark, interesting idea; granted, it's still very rough, but I've got some ideas on how to make this more interesting, so I'll mess around tonight and see what happens. I started with Tracks 3 and 4, both of which are ROLI sounds. I used the 'microtuner' tool, and for both of them used the 7 note octave setting. Track 3 doesn't use anything weird on it, but Track 4 has some Max effects which make it much noisier and glitchier. Tracks 1 and 2 add some heavy, distorted synth droning in the background. These are a bit quiet as of now, but I'll see about that, hehe. Track 5 is a Max instrument, but with the other effects added, just turns into some wild, digitized noisiness. Track 6 was just one of the basic voices from the Spitfire Eric Whitacre choir, but again, with all the weird effects, got distorted and weird, fitting in with the rest of the track. Finally, we have Track 7, which uses the Western Australia drum kit. This uses an instance of Thermal to make it sound MUCH more interesting, particularly the hats. The snare comes in later, but is a little drowned out, so I may separate that out into its own track. I also would like the drums to cut off at one point in the build up/intro, though I'm not sure exactly where and how, so I'll try some things tonight, and share the results tomorrow.

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Tracks 3 and 4, ROLI Synth Sounds

Listen to Max Living here...

Hope you enjoy!

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