Grapthar's Daily Hive Music Feature: Bad Brains - 'I Against I (Omega Sessions Version)'


Bad Brains - I Against I

I figured since I shared proto-punk

Bad Brains performing live (Image Source)
band Death yesterday, I'd go with American hardcore punk legends/originators Bad Brains today. The band was originally formed in 1976 under a different moniker, Mind Power, as a jazz fusion group; however, like Death and their discovery of The Who and Alice Cooper, H.R., Dr. Know, Daryl Jenifer, and Earl Hudson discovered punk rock, and changed the direction of the group entirely. Over time, the band got faster and more intense, and helped to shape what would eventually become known as 'hardcore punk'. However, Bad Brains was also light years ahead of other groups when it came to their talent and musicality, and their songs have become legendary and massively influential partly due to that. Almost every subsequent punk/hardcore/underground band that followed (some of which would gain fame later on in the world of grunge and alt. rock) would cite Bad Brains as a massive part of their youth, and a major influence on their interest in playing music. Today's song was eventually the title track on their 1986 album, though this version is from the Omega Sessions, which was a set of recordings from 1980, which weren't actually released until 1997. While I like the later album version, this older one is a lot more raw and lo-fi, which I'm much more partial to. I love the format of this song, it's a bunch of different sections/ideas, that don't repeat, which reminds me of various Beatles songs, like 'Happiness is a Warm Gun'.

Listen to I Against I by Bad Brains here...


Bad Brains, Omega Sessions (1997, Victory Records)

Enjoy today's song! Thanks for checking out my blog! Long live the Hive!

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