'Etherix' - New Orginal Music - Returning to Some ROLI Sounds - Electronic/Instrumental

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I realized last night that I haven't

Track 1, Another ROLI Pad
used any ROLI instruments recently, so I decided to just pick some, a bit at random, and just jam on them a bit. I started with the instrument in Track 2, from the 'Etheric Pads' pack, and played the line pictured below. As of now, the whole part repeats 2x, though I think it would be cool to expand this, adding some new parts after those, maybe refraining to them later on. Track 1 is another pad sound, from the same pack, which adds some more texture. I was thinking about just adding some more pad layers, which I may still do, but initially wasn't gonna use any drums. Tracks 3 and 4 provide the kicks/snares and hats, respectively, but I dunno if these are gonna make the cut when I work on this more, I don't love the basic beat that much. The kicks and snares might, but the hi-hat part is sorta boring, so I'd like to try and do something more interesting if there are going to be any drums. I also charged by Seaboard last night, so I'm gonna use it to record some stuff live, as I haven't done a lot of MPE recording lately; it's a lot of fun to play, and lets you get some awesome sounds that you can't by just automating the various parameters, at least not easily.

Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 9.26.33 PM.png

Track 2, the 'main' pad sound, ROLI 'Etheric Pads' pack

Listen to Etherix here...

Hope you enjoy!

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