'Dim2' - New Original Music - Super Basic Forgotten Idea, May Revisit - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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I didn't really have anything to share

Track 3, Bass
today that I particularly liked, so I was scrolling through some stuff from a couple of days ago, and this came on. I don't even remember working on this, it's just a really simple progression, bassline, and drums, but I like the sound of the kicks/snares, they were pitched down an octave, and thus slowed down by half, and I think the progression itself is fine, and could potentially become something cool. Both Tracks 1 and 2 use LABS pad sounds, and play the progression pictured below. I think with some tweaking it could be a little more interesting/less repetitive, so maybe I'll play around with that tonight. Track 3 adds another LABS instrument, from the 'London Atmos' pack, which provides the 'bass' part pictured to the right here. There definitely is a better sound to use for this, and I'm not sure why I chose this one, but it's a fine placeholder for now. Track 4 is the hi-hats, and 5 the aforementioned kicks and snares. Although this is essentially nothing at this point, just a basic beat and chords, the fact that I didn't remember writing it was kind of exciting, and made it seem interesting (maybe more interesting than it actually is, haha). I'll see what happens and maybe have a more full-fledged idea for tomorrw.

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Tracks 1 and 2, Basic Harmonic Idea

Listen to Dim2 here...

Hope you enjoy!

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