My Setup as a One Man Guitar Band - Pt.4 Blending it together

All the signals i produce along the way have to blended together, no matter if it's live or recording.


In Live-Situations i use a mixer with built in effect (Drum Sounds), and an outboard effect (Alesis Quadraverb).
The settings on the image below are for rehearsals and streaming.
RED is the Boss VE-500 Vocal Pre-Amp (L/R) [Vocals] .
GREEN are Di and Pre-Amp (L/R) signal [Guitar]. Dark Green is the Octaver In [Bass].
BLUE [Drums] is the Guitar's C411 Microphone, and the Sampler out for the Midi Trigger (See Pt.1).

Basically it's the same i do when recording the parts of the guitar
Basic Track.JPG
This example is from the recording to "Goes down like a stone". The Guitar has the same In's like on the Mixer: Guitar (DI, Pre-Amp), Bass (Octaver, DI), Drums (C411, and Sampler).

On the live sound is always a spill over like the C411 adds some pure acoustic sound, so it has a more 'natural' feel.
When i do re-plugged songs, i have to take that spill over into account, and separate the parts of the arrangements to get a clean as possible recording.

Of course there are always a few other things you add on recordings to make it more interesting.
This is the Full Mix of the Song. There are some Percussions added and a strummed acoustic Guitar that comes in on Chorus and Outro.

Have a wonderful week and stay safe, Peepz!

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