HeyCrim! Tell Me a Bit More About Your Shows?

I don't do much by way of promoting my shows here on Steem since I sort of feel they're still up and coming works in progress, but I sure am grateful to the chain for helping me discover this passion for broadcasting.

I am so lucky to have an often shifting, always awesome, and expanding group of listeners on and off chain, with a solid core of Steemian friends and frenemies who comprise the 75% of the show that is created by the audience participation. I do get messages asking for a bit more info and reminders about the (questionable) information and entertainment I've fallen into here on the blockchain, so consider this post a little overview, goal update, and teeny bit of groundwork for expansion in the future as my shows evolve.

I've been a DJ on @MSP-Waves for almost two years now! Time flies when you're having fun: also, I am a human cliché.

If you're never run across MSP Waves Social Broadcasting in your time here on the platform, I highly recommend you check it out (and not only because they for some reason haven't found a way to get rid of me yet.) There's a big ol' group of live Steemians who host shows about anything and everything, from music to crypto to Steem to alternative living to random talk to deep thought and beyond. When there isn't a live DJ on air, presenting via Steem powered streaming solutions and through community and wider web channels, we have a really amazing curated programming called the SteeMix. It's a collection of music entirely made by Steemians, in every genre and playing in long form segments. You can bring the SteeMix into your discord, hop into the Waves to listen, or browse through the songs and artists at the MSPWaves.com site. I just wanted to put a little bit of context here first, because I really love MSP Waves and becoming a broadcaster has really opened up how I've been able educate and entertain people on the platform, so I want you to know about it.

So what is it you actually do?

A lot of the time I drink bourbon on air and giggle uncontrollably after embarrassing myself butchering names/pronouncing something incorrectly/in Canadian, or seeing my face photoshopped onto something absurd by a listener, but I do occasionally manage to do good things. I currently have two completely different opposite ends of the spectrum shows, with totally different focuses and entirely different niches. It's very likely that neither will be your cup of tea, but they both highlight some of the things I love best and allow me to have a lot of fun with people from all over the world.


FullForce Radio

This is sort of my baby — while the usefulness of this show is definitely questionable, it brings me immense joy. It's usually a lot of killer metal, often hard rock, sometimes whatever the fuck I feel like, and always irreverent talk. It often goes right off the rails, and we end up discussing any and everything, in between awesome, heavy music and whatever else I can throw at you full force. I get lots of people who don't love metal coming in to hang out (and troll) and I do my best to spread things out and make it accessible, share my insane love of the genre and all of its offshoots, and I guess if we're honest kind of be a giant comedian/cheerleader/therapist/orator depending on where the crowd takes the show.


Steemwave Radio

I've always loved learning about and talking about Steem, and it transitioned into the creation of this show. It began as answering basic questions and working with brand new Steemians to better understand the technology they're neck deep in. As the audience has grown and aged with the platform, the show is bigger, more wide ranging, and while I do still explain really rudimentary stuff now and again to new people swinging through, we often spend a lot of time talking about community, philosophy, projects, and anything and everything tangentially Steem related. In between, I play some synth or retrowave tracks — another fun little passion niche of music of mine that fits well and has people dancing (or raging, depending) in between some of my more rantier rants or community hot button topics.

So there's your overview of my on air fuckery.

Broadcasting has become a huge part of my life. It lets me talk directly to and with people all over the world. It allows me to bring a bit of fun and knowledge to others. I get to rock you and I get to comfort you and I get to learn from you and I get to party with you. I'm building a studio in my new place to better facilitate video streams and to allow me to do this at an even better level than I do now. I hope that some day, the joy becomes infectious (I'm not saying I have a rash, but I'm kind of like one) and we pull in more non-Steemians and Steemians-to-be to join us.

If you've attended some of my shows: how can I make them better? What do you like? What do you hate? What do you want, you really really want? What turned you off them? How did I get here? Who put this pudding in my pants? 🌶️


Hi, I'm Crimmi. I run a top 20 STEEM witness with @followbtcnews. Please reach out on Steem.Chat or Discord any time! If we haven't earned your vote, please consider SteemTipper, our community work, and STEEM.Chatvote for followbtcnews if you feel we're doing a good job.

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