Movies & TV Shows Community Contest #2: What are your favourite comedies?


Hello! Starting from the moment this post goes live, the Movies & TV Shows Community will be hosting its second contest. With the world in a fragile spot, it's important we all remember to laugh, so this particular contest is focused on the genre of comedy! We want to hear about your favourite comedy movies and/or television shows and what makes them so great to you.

Ideally, your submission will go into detail about the movies and/or television shows, telling us of why they make you laugh and what they're about. Connect with each other and share the laughter.


Interested? Great! Here are the details:

  • A requirement of at least five (5) movies and/or television shows in your post.
  • Movie and/or television show genre MUST be comedy.
  • Submission can also be posted to 3speak in video from providing the above requirement is met.
  • Your post is at least 500 words (not including translations).
  • Your submission MUST be posted within the contest period; submissions after April 25 will not be considered.
  • Bilingual posts are accepted.
  • Good grammar and spelling will be considered.
  • No plagiarised content whatsover; will be disqualified if found.
  • Your engagement with others will also be judged (comments & curation).
  • Your submission must use the tag #comedyweek
  • Your submission should preferrably also be posted in the comment section of this post.
  • Your submission MUST be posted in the Movies & TV Shows Community.


After 25 April, as mentioned before, we will stop accepting submissions and begin the process of choosing our winners. The three (3) chosen winners will receive:

  • 1st place: 35 Hive.
  • 2nd place: 20 Hive.
  • 3rd place: 15 Hive.

We hope you'll join us in this contest! We look forward to seeing everyone's submissions!

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