The Vast of the Night - “It was bigger than an airplane but no one was allowed to see it”


What would happen if a radio host from the 50s suddenly heard a strange noise, and soon after he receives a call telling him an incredible story about what that sound could potentially mean? This is what this movie is about.

The first 20-30 minutes were boring. We have a young girl who works as a switchboard operator and a guy who is in charge of the radio station. In the beginning, nothing interesting happens and was I afraid this movie was going to be a major disappointment, but things start to get a little bit interesting when the girl hears this strange sound.

Soon after this is when things really get interesting. There is a phone call from a man called Billy, and what he says sounds like something coming from a lunatic. It is amazing how a simple conversation can be so intriguing. The scene is just the guy talking through a phone with Billy, a very simple setting but it surely gets intense!


Soon after they end the conversation, another phone call comes in. From this point forward the movie gets crazy and it even has a few creepy scenes! It really becomes an enjoyable scifi/mystery film.

The cast doesn't have anyone famous but they get the job done. Some parts of the movie look amateurish but they are enjoyable nonetheless. It appears to be a film with a small budget, but since the intriguing parts are mostly dialogue, it ends up begin a good movie in the end.

If you enjoy the genres I mentioned above you will surely enjoy this film. I would recommend skipping at least the first 15-20 minutes, they are mostly useless and the only thing these minutes can accomplish is to stop the viewer from continuing to watch the rest of the film. Start watching the film after they arrive at the radio station, every scene prior to this one isn't worth watching.


The best

  • A very intriguing story with a hard ending that I enjoyed.

The worst

  • The beginning was super boring. I was thinking about just skipping the movie and watch something else.

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Review: AAA
In numbers: 7.5/10

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