The Heist of the Century - Clever criminals have a master plan to rob a bank


In recent months I have watched a handful of good Argentinian movies and I have to add this one to the list. Its genres are both crime and comedy. It was not as funny as My Masterpiece from 2018 or Heroic Losers from 2019 but it was a highly enjoyable film for sure.

The story is about a few men who develop a unique plan with the goal of successfully robbing a bank. This story is based on real-life events that happened in Argentina in 2006 when 6 criminals were able to rob a bank called Banco Río. Their plan was simply brilliant.

Its main actor is Guillermo Francella, one of the leads in the movie My Masterpiece where he played the art dealer who is also the only friend of the excentric and grumpy artists. This time he plays a talented small-time criminal, who is used to make small robberies from time to time. He never takes many risks and he knows he can accomplish more ambitious robberies if the conditions are right.


There is another actor I was able to recognize who played the main police officer in charge of the whole situation and negotiation with the criminals. He is the same one who played the private detective in the HBO series called The Bronze Garden, a very fine mystery that got overmilked in season 2. The first one was great though.

I guess you can figure out the way they are going to do the robbery just by looking at the poster. But that wasn't the only obstacle they had when planning this heist. It was an incredibly well-crafted plan that would leave most detective with a puzzled look, and the genius of these criminals is proved to be even higher when at the end of the movie it includes more information about the real-life case.

If you enjoy movies such as those from the Ocean's trilogy, you will probably enjoy this one as well. This one doesn't have all the glamour of Las Vegas or robbing flashy casinos but the mix between comedy and crime within a small group of criminals is very similar. Ocean's is, of course, a superior product with all that top-notch cast. This is a very well-done Argentinian film and I think the majority of its viewers will enjoy it.


The best

  • Highly entertaining movie, with both funny comedy scenes and exciting crime scenes.
  • The performances were awesome, however, the 2 movies I mentioned at the beginning of the article were even better. What is clear is that there is a lot of talent in Argentina to produce excellent films.
  • In a way, it was like an Argentinian version of the Ocean's movies. Much better than Ocean's 8.

The worst

  • Only the 2 main characters were very charismatic. It would have been better to put a little more personality into the other members of the group. Heroic Losers, despite also having just 2 main characters, was able to create situations that made every character worthy of remembering.

More information:
Review: AAA
In numbers: 8.5/10

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