Marshland - Dark crimes are investigated in a remote Spanish town


The Spanish film industry sometimes comes up with productions of very high quality with intriguing plots. Some examples of recent years could be The Invisible Guardian and The Body (a film from 2012). Marshland was released in 2014 but I wasn't aware of this film until very recently.

The story is about 2 detectives that go to a small town to investigate a series of murders. Since this is a remote place, everyone seems to know each other and most people also appear to have little money. On more than one occasion we will see young people expressing their desire to leave this place, and older ones seem to be resigned to a life in what must be a forgotten backwater town.

It is certainly not the best place to live. The 2 victims were underaged teenage girls and they were also sisters so one of the first things one could think is that this was a crime against this particular family. The detectives begin their research and interrogations with a bunch of people and the entire pace of the film was appropriate.


The place has this eerie feeling that could indicate some deep corruption has taken hold of the people, even one of the 2 detectives behaves in a peculiar manner when trying to get answers out of people. However, the film wasn't really as intriguing and suspenseful as I was hoping.

I know that when watching this type of film, the best ones can make the viewer feel glued to the screen to prevent from missing important information. This wasn't the case with this one, there were very slow parts reduced my interests in the whole thing. In the end, I can say this movie was acceptable though.

If you enjoy mysteries involving an investigation where detectives try to discover who is behind some murders, this movie will be a good choice. It is far from the best of its genre, but what's important is that the film is capable of providing the entertainment the viewer is looking for.


The best

  • Decent crime plot.
  • Acceptable performance from the 2 detectives.

The worst

  • It was much slower than what I was expecting. Far from the best Spanish movie of this genre.

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Review: AAA
In numbers: 7/10

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