Little Joe - An artificially designed plant produces some unexpected and creepy consequences


This is one of those little known films that might turn out to be awesome or simply average. Last night I took the time to watch it and I must say it is rather average. The plot is very original though. It is about a group of scientists who create new modified flowers in a huge lab.

They decided to create a new type of flower that could make their owner very happy if they provide proper care. The way this is achieved is because the flower's pollen when inhaled will produce a chemical reaction in the owner's brain that will cause them to release oxytocin. Making them feel very happy and hopefully help people deal with mental issues such as depression.

This way, the people who purchase this flower will be able to easily bond with it and protect their emotional health. It is all good intentions, right? Well yes, but things turned out to be very different in the end.


In the process of genetically modifying the flower, there were some potential ramifications or secondary effects that weren't taken into account. The movie isn't very exciting or suspenseful but it does have the implied premise that plants have somehow a primitive level of intelligence or something like that.

The problems begin when the people who have inhaled the pollen begin to act subtly strange. They appear to be exactly the same as before and only individuals that are very close to them are able to notice these subtle changes. The movie tries very hard to induce a feeling of suspense but it fails totally. It does have some scenes with creepy dialogues but the potential of the plot felt underdeveloped.

When it comes to the cast, I didn't know any of them. The only one with a familiar face for me was the partner of the main female character but I honestly don't remember where I saw that guy before. Their performances were acceptable, nothing great.

I am not sure who could really enjoy this film, it is not bad but it is not interesting enough. I appreciate the original and intriguing premise of a flower modification going rogue but I really think the movie could have had so much more to give. If you also find that premise interesting then give it a watch, you might end up liking it.


The best

  • The plot had potential.
  • The setting was good looking with a minimalist shooting style probably due to budget constraints.

The worst

  • Very slow and it felt amateurish.
  • Not enough suspense.

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Review: AA
In numbers: 6.5/10

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