End of the Century - Was it daydreaming or an actual memory?


This was a very strange drama. I guess the movie had a very limited budget and a rookie but also talented and enthusiastic creative team. The story is about self-discovery, self-reflection, and romance. It is about 2 gay guys who encounter themselves by chance in Barcelona, they hook up and not long after they realize they already met 20 years ago.

The viewer is then taken 2 decades in the past where both of these characters met, and the series of events that drove them to their first romantic encounter with each other, something that would completely change their lives. Sadly, the characters look exactly the same regardless of their age, this is probably the result of its more than likely low budget.

The film has a lot of scenes with no dialogue whatsoever, where the only thing we can see is pretty shots from the city, and the final length is still less than 1:30h. Which means the story was too short to produce a regular-sized movie. I think a short of around 40-45 minutes would have been better.


I do think the performances of both actors were good. They appeared very spontaneous in their conversations even though the dialogue wasn't deep or very elaborated. They had common conversations that are normal to have as a young person in these times.

I liked the setting, Barcelona, but this wasn't of much help when it comes to enjoying the film. As I understand it, the main character is a person that tends to daydream due to his constant loneliness. However, I am not sure at which point he begins to imagine what we are seeing onscreen. There is also a sort of nihilistic statement in the way the main character lives his life, which could in turn, be another factor that could help explain why he daydreams a lot. Due to a lack of meaning in his life.

If you enjoy the drama genre, this might be a good film to watch but it wasn't really my style. Plus, the way the director shows the different time frames is needlessly confusing.


The best

  • Good plot to portray a story that explores the concept of "what could have been...
  • Good performances from the 2 main actors.

The worst

  • The characters look is the same even if there is 20 years of difference. Maybe this supports the potential explanation that some parts of the story were just imaginary.
  • The beginning was very slow with no dialogue for at least 10 minutes. Instead, the film provides us with pretty sights from Barcelona.
  • Sex scenes are too explicit.

More information: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9845398/
Review: AA
In numbers: 6/10

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