Downfall - “The war is lost... But if you think that I'll leave Berlin for that, you are sadly mistaken. I'd prefer to put a bullet in my head.”


Do you know that scene with Hitler and his generals where he is completely mad yelling them all sorts of things while everyone is listening to his craziness? There are a lot of dubbed videos about this scene and they are super fun and I even think parts of this scene have been used for memes.

Well, that scene is from this movie. Specifically, when the Nazis are talking about how to defend Berlin from the Soviet troops that are marching right towards them. And to be honest, even though this is a drama/war movie, Hitler yells so much in so many scenes that it ends up being funny even with the original lines.

The story begins at the beginning of the collapse of the Nazi regime, they are on the brink of losing the war and we can see since the beginning a nervous tick present in one of Hitler's hands that never stops shaking. This means he knows they are defeated but he doesn't accept it yet.


The overall performances were really good, with Bruno Ganz being the best one in his portrayal of Hitler. Another important character was his secretary, but I believe she was portrayed in a very innocent way. We even see the real-life secretary at the beginning and end of the film, saying how she realized the evil of Nazismbut only after its defeat which was hard to believe in my opinion.

The film doesn't explore any of the crimes and massacres that happened during the war. We only see discussions of top Nazi officials, and Hitler getting more and more frustrated as his ultimate defeat continues to get closer. We also see glimpses of how the Nazi party fractured by the end of the war and the psychological crises they all endured in those final moments.

The movie also provides an interesting look into the last days of both Hitler and the national socialism ideology, so if you like this type of history you should certainly check this flick out.


The best

  • Good movie about important historic events.
  • Very good performances from the cast.

The worst

  • The movie was too long, it lasts around 2.5 hours.
  • It can be boring for some people.

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Review: AAA
In numbers: 7.5/10

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