Jurassic World Dominion. Epic production for year 2022

Check out the full Jurassic World Dominion prologue scene.**

This original 5 min prologue to Jurassic World Dominion, directed by Colin Trevorrow, rockets audiences back 65 million years into the past to experience the world before humans existed—and offers a glimpse of a world in which dinosaurs are living among us. The next film in the Jurassic World franchise will star Chris Pratt, Daniela Pineda, Bryc. The story will continue in theaters Summer 2022

In the Jurassic World Dominion prologue, we're briefly transported 65 million years in the past to see some Jurassic World Dominion dinosaurs on the move in herds, peacefully grazing, and even fighting. There's also a glimpse of a very familiar mosquito before we arrive in the present day where one dinosaur has decided to crash into a drive-in movie theater.

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