Movement is a Gift from God

Movement is a gift from God.

I'm currently in ND. My dad had surgery on Friday, a procedure which is expected to drastically improve his mobility. I was able to come back for the surgery and this week during his early surgery recovery. For probably about a year and a half, he's had increasing vertigo, and it took quite some time to fully get a diagnosis, as well as a treatment plan. Throughout this long period of time, his mobility was getting worse.

Surgery is no joke. But it does appear to have done a lot to reduce that vertigo which is fantastic!

This afternoon, looking out the window at a gorgeous, unseasonably warm and sunny day in ND, I had the urge to go for a run. So I did.

I had no intention of any specific distance or time. I figured I would let my body guide me.

Surprisingly, I got over 4 miles in! And I did a hill, twice!

Seeing how my dad's mobility had gone so low, I think made me realize... Movement is a gift from God and I need to use it.

I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow. It's a literal Couch to 5k and then some.

But it felt so good to move.

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