Who You Relate With

Show me your friends and I will tell you the kind of person you are.

This adage has been popularly used figuratively when dealing with the issues of friendship and there is truism in it. It is worthy to note that who you relate with will ultimately determine the kind of things that relate to you. To keep off from negativities, you have to stay clear from people that instil negative thoughts into you. The truth is, no matter how you look at friendship, it is never by force but a conscious choice that everyone needs to do.


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Another thing to know is that friendship is not eternal. When you weigh a particular friendship and discovers that you are being more disadvantaged than the benefits you draw from the friendship, then it is time to move on. Your friendship and who you relate with should be on the basis of mutualism - where everyone will have something to gain from it, not a parasitic kind of relationship where only one party benefits and the other may be relatively disadvantaged.

A friendship may start off on the right foot but if along the line, you discover that things are degenerating, it will not hurt you to take a walk for the sake of your future. It is far better to end a negative friendship than to hamper your future by trying to play with fire. If a friendship or relationship is going somewhere, you will know. If it is not going anywhere, you will also know. If it is tilting towards negativities, you will also know. So make your choice.

A story was told of a particular young man that was a victim of a wrong company. He did not know the kind of business his supposed friends were into. They misled him into thinking that they were travelling traders but unknown to him, they were highway robbers. When he got to know that they were not travelling traders, he still chose to keep hanging out with them even when he had the opportunity to talk a bow because of the little things that they normally give to him. Well, a time came when they went for a particular robbery and were met with huge resistance and they were captured and interrogation process began.

During the process of interrogation, they implicated the young man even though he was not part of the gang but because of his affiliation with them. To make the matters worse, when the cops went to their house to search, they met the young man there and they also recovered some deadly weapons to the shock of the guy. You see, all these happened because of keeping the wrong friends. This reminds me of a particular statement that was once made by a mentor of mine:

Who you look at will determine what you will look like.


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If you constantly look at the wrong people, their actions will influence your thoughts. When your thoughts are influenced, they will find expression through your actions. When the actions are repeated, it will not only influence others but will determine what your future will look like. This happens like a chain reaction. The truth is, there are things that will never come to you until you change your company. You will agree with me that there are times that you will dislike someone, not because of anything that they have done to you but because of the company they keep.

The power of friendship and company.

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