Striving To Be Better

It is true that the world is already very competitive and we are already in the competition with or without knowing it. However, one thing that should concern you is not trying to be better than someone else but to be a better version of your own self. If you have beaten someone else but you have not beaten your own personal best and you have not beaten your old record to set a new one, then the competition is not yet fulfilled. The competition that counts is the one you set against yourself.


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Advancement in life is not measured by how many people's high scores you were able to beat but how you have improved on yourself to beat your own record. This is why you should channel your energy into getting better and upgrading yourself. When you become better, then success becomes easily attained. Know that someone else's destination is quite different from your own and if you make them your competitor, you will lose track of your own.

Imagine if you are competing with someone moving in an opposite direction, his endpoint will be a starting point for you and vice versa. You will not know if you are making a considerable progress or not because you have the wrong yardstick. Your own yardstick should be yourself. This is because no one understands your true vision, strengths and weaknesses like yourself.

However, to be able to get better, you have a duty of self discovery first. You will agree with me that the discovery of oneself is the first and foremost step towards self-realisation. Believe me, if you have no knowledge of your strengths and weakenesses, you will not know which aspect of yourself to work on, neither will you know where to improve and where to consolidate on.

As you set a target and as you meet it, the next step is to raise the stakes and try to beat your former target. By this, you will keep improving yourself to be better. Always have in mind that your relevance in life is almost entirely dependent on your self-worth and the values you are able to create. The moment you stop investing in your improvement, you will begin to lose value and your self-worth will begin to plummet and of course, your relevance will drop.

To maintain relevance in life and even in your career, you have to become better. The world is not just evolving with insane complexities but it is getting more advanced. This reminds me of one of Charles Darwin's theories:

Survival of the fittest

Yes, even in other aspects of life besides evolution, your survival over the insane competitions is as a result of being best suited and fitted for it. One way to be best fitted is to work on yourself. This work includes: working to consolidate on your strengths, then working to augmented your weaknesses. With this, you will become more of a formidable version of yourself.


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In conclusion, it is worthy to note that the world will only look for you when you have a solution that they seek after. Even if they do not like your face nor your background, but if you can solve their problems, they will have no choice than to engage you. So work on becoming a solution provider and not a problem creator.

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