Every Moment Counts

Sometimes, people tend to convince themselves of what they want to achieve tomorrow or what they want to become in the future but they pay less attention to the present moment. Well, just to tell you, it is the present moment that will give birth to the future moment. Leaving the present to pursue after the future is like majoring on the minor and minoring on the major, because you can't get to the future without passing through the now.


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In life, every single moment matters a lot. I have heard stories about when a second was all that is needed to save someone's life. This is just to tell you the importance of each moment and it should not be overlooked. One second can make a huge difference between being early or being late.

I watched an old Olympic running competition where Hussein Bolt broke the world record and I realized something. The time needed to break the former record and set a new one was less than one second and he was able to maximize that second and emerged as a celebrity. This should make you to understand that no time is too small to lose credence and no moment is inconsequential. The sum total of the minor moments that you overlook can be put together to make a huge impact.

Just like the summation of tiny drops of water is what is needed to make a pool of water, the cumulation of the present moments will create the kind of future you desire, but that is if you take advantage of each moment as it comes. Even if you try something presently and fail at the attempt, it will open up the future to a far better trial, because you will be trying with the experience from your past attempts.

It is worthy to note that no moment is wasted for the person that is determined to succeed. It is either the moment teaches lessons to be better and wiser or it serves as a memory. But in all these, each moment serves a particularly unique function. A moment may be very rough but it is not entirely useless. It is far better to take advantage of each moment that comes even if it means undertaking a degree of risks.

Obviously, risks are what give credence to each moment because you cannot effectively maximise the full potential that is embedded in life if you are scared to take risks. The bane of many people is the feeling of "comfort zone" and this has prevented many from taking risks. Even though you are to be appreciative of each moment, you should not be too comfortable with a particular moment over an extended period of time to avoid stagnancy. Always learn to move ahead.


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There are many moments to be lived than wasting your time and being stagnated at a spot. Each moment may be gifted by nature to everyone in the same proportion but it is how you utilize these moments that will bring you gains and will be your gifts to nature. Each moment that has passed has gone and may not be recovered again.

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