Expressing Yourself Through Your Sense Of Fashion

Before now, clothes were seen as just things to cover the body and maybe provide warmth. However, with the constant evolution we see in the modern world today, a lot of attention have been focused on fashion lately because it now represents, among other things, a medium of self-expression. There is a way you will dress and you will pass on certain message to the minds of the beholder.


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The way you dress and your sense of fashion carries more significance than you can ever imagine. I remember a time I went to a particular occasion, and I dressed in my native attire. When I got in, the first person I met started a conversation in my local dialect and not the lingua franca. Why did they know that I was from that tribe? Simply, because of the way I dressed. I never needed to tell anyone where I was from, but my sense of fashion said everything - it was simply an expression of my tribal and ethnic background.

Much more than that, when it got to the point when they started sharing food at the event, without even me asking, they brought a cuisine that was remarkable with my tribe. I was amazed that even though I never told them where I was from, they already inferred it from my fashion sense. This goes to prove that your dress pattern can make some loud statements about you and can express the real "you" to others. This is why I tell people that the way they do not want to be addressed, they should not dress in such a way that will give the impression of that in the mind of others.

You can communicate your impression simply by your fashion. Confidence can be boosted by dressing well and your personality can also be enhanced by your choice of fashion. You will agree with me that if you are called up for a public speech and what you are wearing is not up to par with what is expected of you or with what others are putting on, you may feel inferior to them and it may crash your level of confidence. But when you appear well dressed, it will tend to boost your morale and your confidence and will also make you to be on top of your game.

Fashion is not just about clothes, it is an art and a way to reflect your internal self to the external world. This may be without recourse to what is in vogue or the prevailing trend. You do not have to dress because of what the trend suggests or follow blindly what is in vogue, your sense of fashion should be based on the fact that you can pass the right message with it. There are some people you will see dress, and it will pass the wrong message about them in the mind of people. The human mind is already made in a way that it can base its judgment on what is perceived.


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I remember when a friend of mine was picked up by the cops, though everything was later settled and he was granted bail. It was revealed that a tip-off was given to the cops about some gang members and the place they normally come to eat in a restaurant. It happened that when they entered there, a lot of people were there and they picked young guys that they suspected looked like the gang members simply by their appearance. They wrongly profiled my friend because he had dreads and the way he was dressed. His sense of dressing gave him out as a suspect even when he was innocent. This shows the power of dressing. This reminds me of a quote one of my friends normally used:

The food you do not intend to eat, do not bring it close to your mouth.

In the context of fashion, always try to dress in order to create the impression you want and so that you will also be addressed the way you want. Also remember that self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence are substantiated by your fashion. You can tell more story by your appearance than by your words. So take fashion sense seriously.

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