Developing The Mentality Of Lifelong Learning

As long as you are still living, then learning is a vital necessary that you need to constantly do. You cannot learn everything that needs to be learnt at a time, but daily, make it a point of duty to learn something new. The world is already moving and evolving fast, and as such, the requirements of learning are getting more complex. What you knew some years back may have lost relevance in today's world, so you need to keep learning and then keep updating on what you have learnt. You will be surprised that the more you learn, the better your perspective about the world will be.


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You have to develop the mindset and mentality that sees learning as a continuous and lifelong thing, not something that is done once-and-for-all. When you develop this mentality, you will discover that your propensity to go after knowledge will increase and your thirst to knew more will also increase. In order to become and stay relevant in this world that is already fast-paced, you need to understand that, among other things, knowledge will give you an edge. Not old knowledge, but an updated and upgrade knowledge. One way to update on your knowledge-base is to keep learning.

This era has delivered to us the ease to access data and information. A whole lot of resource and learning materials, both in text and multimedia formats are available online. It is now left for you to key into the vast resources available and grab as many as you want. The Internet has opened up to us a new and better way of acquiring learning. Imagine if you are to go to a physical library to flip through textbooks for every information you want, you will be so limited. But even from your device, in your house without stepping an inch outside, you can lay your hands on more learning materials than you will ever need.

When we talk about having a mentality ot lifelong learning, we are not referring only to what happens or obtainable in the classroom or in your school. As a matter of fact, your school will not teach you everything that you will ever need to know - there are some that you will need to acquire on your own, and they may even be different from your area of discipline. If all you know is what you are taught in school or what is directly within your field, then you do not have an edge and you are very limited. When learning, you have to broaden your scope; enlarge your horizon. Read wide, research indepthly, gain deep knowledge.

Imagine if you are to be in the midst of people discussing a particular topic; say evolution, and you have nothing to contribute. Or rather, you know absolutely nothing about evolution and as such, you do not have what to say and you keep nodding your head, you will definitely feel uncomfortable and withdrawn. But if you know something about it, you will be happy to join the conversation. In the real world, your relevance tends to be directly related to what you know. The more you know, the more your net-worth increases and the more relevant you become.


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With each knowledge you gain, doors of opportunities are opened to you. A lot of people complain that they lack opportunities but they are not aware of the many opportunities that fly by them and the ones they are sitting on. When you keep learning, you will be able to convert a lot of things, including challenges, into opportunities. When acquiring knowledge, you have to be open-minded about it and know that it can come from anyone, anything, and anywhere. There is something that I know now that was taught me by someone far younger than me. So it is not a function of age or status, but the zeal to keep learning.

True enlightenment comes basically as a function of knowledge. Learning has a way of improving one's mind and their overall personality positively. So if you want to attain a level of mental awakening and the enlightenment of the mind, then it is a demand that you go for more knowledge. One of the things I have learnt over time is that there is almost nothing that makes a difference between people like their level of knowledge and this a function of continuous learning.

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