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Whatever you see that it worthwhile around you was a result of certain actions. It is true that there are things you would want to experience, but a greater truth is that you have to put the required actions to create them. Experiencing the good things of life calls for actions. If not, you will just be subjected to the changes that are created from other people's actions. Change, as they say, is continuous, but you have to determine the kind of change you want to see by the kind of actions you undertake. You can create the world around you by doing something worthwhile today.


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In order to achieve greatness, you need to become intentional about your life. There are times in the life of an individual when they will begin to take determined and desperate steps in order to achieve the impossible. In desperate times, your way out lies in your ability to take desperate steps. Whether you like it or not, everyone is experiencing and will experience one form of change or the other. This is due to the constant nature of change itself. However, you can determine the kind of change that you want to see through the kind of actions that you take.

If something is happening in a particular way which you do not like, or there is something that you would want to see happening, you do not have to sit, watch, wait, and wish for it to happen, you need to create the enabling environment for it to happen. You will be surprised what actions others are already taking to create their own world. If you do not move to create yours, you will or might become a victim of the consequences of their own. It is worthy to note that nothing will happen until there is a force (or action, in this context) that will make it to happen. In the same way, something will not stop happening, until there is a force or an actions to stop it.

If success and every other good thing of life were to answer to just wishes, the world would have been messed up - because some people just have weird wishes. But thankfully, they answer to actions, work (hard work and smart work) and the determination to see success being achieved. What you should know is that whatever you want to achieve is possible but the question is "are you willing to pay the required price?" Some people believe that luck can determine success. Well even if it can, it is better it meets you working than waiting. So play your own part first before you hope for luck.


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Before the advent of the first airplane, a lot of people do not know that it will be possible for a structure of metal that is heavier than air to be flown. This, definitely limited the transportation of humankind, as they were limited to other options. But when the Wright brothers moved to create something seemingly impossible at that time, there was a paradigm shift in the transport sector. They literally created something that affected the entire world. At this moment, there are supersonic airplanes that can get to its destination many times faster than the speed of sound. Just from the invention of two brothers.

The change you are creating by your actions of today may be what the entire world will remember you for. Just the same way each time you talk about the history of airplanes, you must mention Orville and Wilbur Wright. The actions you take today to create the change you require may be what will create the world you admire tomorrow.

The reason you are here is not just to occupy space; you were not born as just a placeholder. You have a purpose which you have the responsibility to fulfil. If after you have spent your life here and you are not remembered for the solution you provided to the world, then you did not maximise the time you spent. Think about this and understand that your world is waiting for your next line of action. You either remain docile and stand the risk of becoming a victim of someone else's action or you take up your own actions and obtain the result you desire.

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