Fishermen | #Monomad Challenge

Fishing is the primary means of living here in our village. Most fishermen in our village owned a motorized fishing boat so they can sail in the mid-ocean and have a great chance of getting plenty of fish, and there were some less fortunate to own one. These are individuals who well just use the primitive way of catching fish by using a fishing line attached to an empty plastic bottle as their reel, with the hook in the other end of the fishing line.

Allow me to share with you some of the fishermen of our village who are used to the primitive way of fishing. Here are some of the photos that I took which I turned into Black and White for these will be my entry as well for the #monomad challenge of @monochromes.

As you noticed these men were preparing their fishing line, they were busy attaching their bait to the hook. They were also using an empty can which serves as storage of their bait.



Soon as the other guy finished attaching the bait, he went to the depth portion of the sea where fishing boats were anchored. While his companion still preparing his bait. On the other side, the kind of fishing these men do somehow is a sustainable way of fishing since they only catch what they only need, for most fishermen do this kind of fishing is for their own personal consumption, so they can put food on their table.




All photos above were captured by yours truly at Alcoy, Cebu.
Using using Nikon D5600 with Nikon 40-150mm Lens.

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