Clan jetties at dusk

Checking into the Clan Jetties of Penang, I was surprised to find the water villages here are over a century old!

Situated along the Weld Quay, a coastal road running from the ferry terminal on the eastern coastline of Georgetown, these villages were initially built up to house the Chinese port workers (labourers/coolies) who settled there within their respective clans ~ hence the name, Clan Jetties.

Today, these water villages on stilts with worn wooden board jetties extending a distance out to sea have become trendy as instagrammable locations!

There are supposed to be six of these jetties...

We started out late as we were targeting sunset hour just to get "instagrammable" photos. Ended up, we got caught up in after office hour traffic so we managed only about two to three, and missed the most touristy Chew Jetty! Duhhhh...


Almost at the end of this jetty...
Catching a sight of mainland, Butterworth, across the sea

I shall let you enjoy these black and white shots in peace and quiet (for once) and come back to talk more about them in another post!
Hope you enjoy them...




Getting later and darker...
Twinkling city lights of Butterworth in the distance

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