Get Paid to Watch Videos You Want to Watch? A Blockchain Based Youtube Alternative That Rewards the Viewer in Crypto!

Now I don't know about you or your day to day schedule, but more often than not during my work or pleasure hours throughout the week I find myself with something on in the background to listen to in order to break the deafening silence. Sometimes this constitutes music, other times documentaries or alternative news outlets. Youtube used to be my go to for finding this sort of media until I stumbled across this other platform that actually utilizes the LBRY blockchain as part of its operations. The platform I'm talking about is called Odysee, and they literally pay you in crypto for watching content you want to watch, have minimal or no ads, and feature content both unique to the platform as well as from various popular youtuber channels that we've grown to watch.

Stop Making Youtube Rich, Start Earning for Yourself!

As soon as you sign up and register an account you start earning wealth on the Odysee platform in the form of LBRY crypto. You earn it when you watch videos, upload videos, interact with posts and a bunch of other ways. Instead of being bombarded by advertisements the platform instead scales them way back to the point you barely if ever see them. For content creators or consumers like myself to use another platform that doesn't pay me to watch stuff is like leaving money on the table.

You can even just let it auto-play in the background with your sound turned off and collect if you wish! No where in their terms of service do they say that isn't allowed and I find myself leaving Odysee playing in the background while I sleep or watch media on other sites when needed.

To Content Creators: Maximize Your Web Presence

If you're a person who likes to make videos and upload them onto various platforms I highly suggest you check out Odysee as they not only reward your viewers for watching but also reward you for uploading with LBRY crypto. As part of your upload routine I'd highly suggest opting a copy up on to the platform not only to increase your web presence but also to encourage folks to view your content over there and stop strengthening the youtube juggernaut.

You can also upload files on there as well which I believe are hosted through IPFS, meaning if you have content or data you need to make sure is accessible but don't want to run the risk of hosting it yourself, a platform like this is exactly what you need. A prime example of this is the guys at "The Gatalog" using Odysee to skirt ITAR laws in the states when it comes to 3D printed firearms components. Tons of possibility on the horizon for platforms like this that reward the users and creators instead of the revenue of the company first.

Come Start Watching and Earning on Odysee Today!

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